Feng Shui Tip of The Month – December/January

December 1st, 2009

Space Clearing; Making Your Space Sacred

by Tamara Aires

feng-shui-homeWhen it comes to making your home your own sanctuary of sacred space, there are three specific areas to address:  physical grime, predecessor chi, and clutter.  Low-level energy always accumulates around grime, dirt, grease and crud, and it inhibits forward movement in life.  Unclear thinking and confusion becomes normal and a person may feel literally ‘stuck’.  Remember the phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness?”  This is the exact reason many beliefs dictate that ones shoes be removed before entering a sacred place.  This is always true with religious buildings, but many people keep this same practice in their homes for the exact same reason.  You should consider your home a sacred space… and taking your shoes off reduces (by at least half) the amount of dirt tracked into your home, and reduces low-level energy being carried in.

“What has happened before” is recorded in the energy of the environment… the walls, the floor, the furniture, etc.  Layers of energy from owners and occupants and their circumstances build up invisibly.  This energy, called “predecessor chi,” lingers in a space.  This lingering energy should be taken seriously and cleared, because especially if it is negative (death, divorce, bankruptcy, other tragedy), it can profoundly affect persons newly exposed to it.  The concept of predecessor chi is why it is important to clear any items you come by in a second-hand way, and why it is important to clear your own items before you donate them.

This brings us to clutter, which is probably the most common of all feng shui environmental energy blockages.  The origin of the word clutter is “clotter” from Middle English, meaning “to coagulate.”  Clutter blocks all energies and impedes everything, will bring your energy flow to a dead stop, and is practically guaranteed to affect your health in some negative way.  There are four major kinds of clutter:  things you don’t use or love, things that are messy and disorganized, too many things in too small a space, and unfinished things.  Each of these clutters affects you in a very different and distinct way.

Clutter and low energy together can form a dangerous cycle; one thing always becomes two, two things become three, and energy blockages grow.  Thankfully, the opposite cycle is also true – you clean and gain positive energy, which empowers you to clean more and more!  Take care to keep your home clean and tidy; do this proudly and with diligence, as you would maintain and clean your own body.

Remember, our environmental energy is symbolically mirrored in our internal selves.  Space clearing is extremely effective because shifting away negative energy and unblocking the flow around your home, will immediately and automatically remove obstacles, open doors, and bring new opportunities for harmony, abundance, and satisfaction in your personal life.

Here are some tips to get you started:  start small with one drawer, box, or cupboard, then work up to the bigger things.  Try the ‘box system’ of organizing by having a box for trash, a box for things to be fixed or repaired, a box for recycling, and a transit box for things that go in another room or place; then use the boxes – don’t make more piles of stuff.  Also, visualize your work paying off; for example, if you clean your attic, see your head, your thoughts and your future, becoming clear and bright… or, while mopping your floors, see your bad luck being thrown out with the dirty water.  Be sure to acknowledge your own cleaning accomplishments and give yourself a little treat when you do clear some clutter.  Lastly, stay organized and clutter-free after you get there.

After your space is clean and clutter-free, that’s the perfect time to perform an official feng shui space clearing ceremony.  There are many different ways to do space clearings however, they are typically done with sound or smoke.  Contact me for more information – I am here for you.  Got a feng shui question?  Please send it my way!  Happy holidays and a lucky, prosperous New Year to everyone!!  Om Mani Padme Hum!!  Namaste!!

Tamara Aires, Colorado Harmony

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Feng Shui Tip of The Month – October/November

October 1st, 2009

Om Mani Padme Hum

by Tamara Aires

Large mani Wheel

Large mani Wheel

If you have even been lucky enough to go to Nepal or Tibet, you probably saw many prayer wheels there.  Prayer wheels are round spinning cylinders that have mantras (special prayers) written on them, carved into them, or have many layers of mantra papers glued to them.  Prayer wheels are generally turned or spun using the right hand, several times a day, particularly upon waking, and before bedtime.  Spinning the wheel symbolically sends your prayers spiraling up to heaven, carried upward on a wind of positive energy.  It’s a very powerful way to start and end your day.

Prayer wheels, also called Mani wheels, can be small and hand-held, or can line the walls of a temple and be as big as a person.  Spinning a prayer wheel, or even just touching one, can bring an immediate energy shift and flood you with the sense of purification and goodness.  Since many hundreds or thousands of mantras are on a prayer wheel, turning it just once is the same thing as chanting or reciting the same number of mantras (prayers).  But since most Americans don’t have easy access to a prayer wheel, I would like to teach you the special mantra and visualization that a prayer wheel represents.

The mantra is called the ‘Six True Words’ or ‘Six Syllables’ mantra and goes like this… chant the words in a sing-song voice with extra emphasis on the first syllable… “OM mani padme hum… OM mani padme hum…  OM mani padme hum.”  Besides leaving you clean and purified, speaking or chanting this mantra will bring you understanding, compassion, wisdom, protection, and relief from suffering.  Although the mantra is not easily translated into a simple sentence, many people believe this single phrase contains ALL the teachings of Buddha in one single mantra – now that is powerful!  Because this mantra originated in India before it moved to Tibet, there is more than one way to pronounce the syllables, but any version is equally effective.

Each of the six syllables is also associated with a color:  om – white, ma – red, ni – yellow, pad – green, me – blue, hum – black.  If you can chant the mantra “Om mani padme hum”, and at the same time, close your eyes and visualize the colors moving from bottom to top in order to match the syllables, white, red, yellow, green, blue, black, you have mastered a very, very sacred and powerful feng shui cure.

Any time you feel stressed, burdened, depleted, scared, lonely, powerless, depressed, or any other negative feeling, then by simply chanting the six true words and visualizing the six true colors, you are turning yourself into a virtual prayer wheel and your wishes and needs are immediately carried toward heaven, your prayers and thoughts are heard by God, and purifying, compassionate energy will instantly surround you.

My desire is for all readers to learn this powerful mantra and the associated visualization.  Memorize it, keep it in your pocket of feng shui tools, and use it any time you feel, see, or hear, or have a thought of negative energy.  You can use it for protection if you have to walk somewhere alone at night, or to get rid of bad dreams, or to give your brain a boost before a test.  You can use it to symbolically ‘bite your tongue’ and keep yourself from thinking or saying something bad.  You can use it to clear your mind from hearing something bad, like two people arguing, or seeing something bad, like a traffic accident (which by the way, chanting this will also send positive energy to anyone injured).  Or you can simply use it to start and end each day on a positive note with prayer.  The power of prayer is undeniable, and beyond limits.  This knowledge is my gift to you.

If you are in Colorado Springs on Oct 10-11, please visit me in booth #658 at the Women’s’ Living Expo and spin a real-life prayer wheel.  Got a feng shui question?  Please send it my way!

Tamara Aires, Colorado Harmony

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Feng Shui Tip of the Month – August/September

August 1st, 2009

The Power of Color

by Tamara Aires

feng-shui-colorAdding color to a room or adding an object of a certain color is easy, powerful, usually inexpensive, and is one of the nine basic feng shui cures. Here are some examples that demonstrate how easy it is to use color to intentionally shift energy to support specific issues in your life.

An example of using color for heath is… perhaps you are trying to stop smoking or want to exercise more. Hang a yellow feng shui crystal from the ceiling in the center of your bedroom. Say lots of prayers and ‘see’ in your mind’s eye that your body is clean and healthy. You will see the crystal often and be reminded of your goal, and the yellow color will give your health energy extra support to help you reach the desired outcome.

Here’s an example for helpful people… say you are out of work and you need to call in all your family and friends to help you find every possible opportunity for employment. After you tell everyone, write all their names down on pieces of paper and put them all in a gray box that you made or bought, and put the box in the ‘helpful people’ energy area in your home. Say lots of prayers and ‘see’ in your mind’s eye that you find the best job ever. By symbolically having boxful of helpful people, and by using the color gray to boost up your helpful people energy, new possibilities and opportunities will be right around the corner.

And an example of the power of color… what if you child isn’t doing well in school and has trouble sitting still and paying attention. Fidgeting and attention issues are often aggravated by bright, sunny, yang colors. Using watery colors in your child’s bedroom can shift their energy towards being thoughtful, still, and reflective… using yin to counteract the extra yang. Repainting the child’s bedroom with a watery color such as Caribbean blue can make an instant, calming energy shift. Or painting the child’s bed black will give them a full night’s rest surrounded by the deep, still energy of the color black.

Here is a list of the nine feng shui life areas along with the associated color to shift each specific energy: family and your past – green; wealth and abundance – purple; fame and your reputation – red; relationships and marriage – pink; creativity, children, and your future – white; helpful people and benefactors – gray; career and work – black; knowledge, self growth, and spirituality – blue; and your health – yellow.

Use the colors individually, or in a specific ‘sequence’. Some common and powerful feng shui color sequences are: the seven colors of the Rainbow (the Chakras), which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue (light), indigo blue (dark), and violet; the colors of the Five Elements, which are green (wood), red (fire), yellow (earth), white (metal), and black (water); and the colors of the Six True Words of the Constantly Turning Dharma Wheel, which are white (om), red (mah), yellow (ni), green (pad), blue (mi), and black (hum).

Here’s an example… say you want to give your relationship energy a positive shift because you and your spouse had a little disagreement. Maybe you don’t particularly like pink, so instead, try hanging up a picture of a beautiful rainbow in your bedroom. Say lots of prayers and ‘see’ in your mind’s eye that your relationship with your spouse is solid and better than ever. The energy of all seven colors will work together providing strong, positive support to both you and your spouse.

Best wishes making easy feng shui adjustments using color to provide the supportive, nurturing energy you need. Got a feng shui question? Please send it my way!

Tamara Aires, Colorado Harmony

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Feng Shui Tip of the Month – June / July

July 1st, 2009

Cultivate Your Own Ch’i

by Tamara Aires

feng-shui-tipsThe formula for good feng shui energy in your home has two parts:  the health of the physical environment, and the health of each person living in the space.  It’s harder for negative, problematic feng shui around the home to affect occupants if their own personal ch’i is strong and healthy.

Strong, healthy personal ch’i must be cultivated regularly, tended and nourished like a sacred garden in your soul, so here is an excellent, highly effective, basic meditation to help you cultivate your own ch’i, called the Sunshine Buddha Exercise.  The benefits of doing this meditation are numerous.  You will feel stronger and more able to find relief from the stresses, pressures, and restrictions of everyday life, and your good fortune and good health can be more easily supported.  I emphasize the ability of this meditation to support good health.

It is ideal if you can actually be outside in the sun to do this meditation, but if not, just visualize the sun shining on you.  If you are sick or weak, it is OK to do it sitting down.  The ‘three points’ are two centers of the palms of both your hands, and the center of your forehead between your eyes. If you prefer, the third can be through the top of your head.

Stand in the sun with hands above your head, with your feet shoulder-width part, with your face and palms facing towards the sun.  Visualize you are breathing in sunlight and that it is entering your body through the three points.  Visualize the sunlight racing through your body very quickly from the three points all the way down to the soles of your feet and on out into the ground.  In your mind and heart, see all bad deeds of the body (killing, stealing, cheating) being carried out by the fast moving sunlight.  Breathe slowly and purposefully and keep your hands up as long as you comfortably can.  Release your arms to your sides and rest for a minute.

Raise your arms again and breathe in the sunlight through the three points.  This time visualize the sunlight racing into your body, reaching the bottoms of your feet, and bouncing back upward very quickly, all the way back to the three points and out.   In your mind and heart, see all bad speech (lying, swearing, hurtful words) being carried out by the fast moving sunlight.  Breathe slowly and purposefully and keep your hands up as long as you comfortable can.  Release your arms to your sides and rest for a minute.

Raise your arms again and breathe in the sunlight through the three points.  This time visualize the sunlight racing into your body, reaching the bottoms of your feet, and then bouncing back up slowly, circling and spiraling all around your body and back out the three points.  Visualize the sunlight touching and cleaning out every cell, every blood vessel, all your organs, tissues, and bones.  Visualize the sunlight healing any part of you that is sick or is affected by illness (thing big here… clean away high blood pressure, diabetes, or even cancer… it has been said that you can actually make yourself smarter if you visualize the circles and spirals cleaning out your brain!).  In your mind and heart, see all bad thoughts (greed, anger, contempt) being carried away by the sunlight.  Breathe slowly and purposefully and keep your hands up as long as you comfortable can, then release your arms to your sides.

If you feel you have been helped by this information, please send red envelopes.  Send me questions or call me for anything.  Blessings, love, and light to you all, and hope to see you Summer Spiritual Festival.

Tamara Aires, Colorado Harmony

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Feng Shui Tip of the Month – April/May

April 5th, 2009

Real Help for Hard Times

By Tamara Aires

Feng shui is the energy of our environments – all our environments. We are mostly affected by the feng shui of our homes and offices, because these environments are closest to us, but feng shui also includes our neighborhoods, communities, our cities, and even our country. This article is for anyone affected by our country’s difficult economic times.

First, career energy. Many have lost or will be losing their jobs. Career energy is directly associated with your stove, because our life’s work gives us the ability to buy food and cook meals for our tables. Cook in your own kitchen as often as you can and keep it clean. Doing this, you are constantly paying attention and cultivating career energy. Putting a mirror behind your stove is a special feng shui cure called ‘doubling the burners’, giving the symbolic impression that you have a greater ability to provide sustenance for yourself and your family. If you can’t get a mirror the full width of the stove, get a box of aluminum foil, cut a sheet big enough, and tape it up behind your stove with the most reflective side facing outward. If you can’t double your burners using the wall space behind your stove, keep a clean, shiny, highly reflective tea pot, or cooking pan on your stove at all times.

Next, helpful people. The energy of helpful people is found in the front, right corner of a home/room. On the bagua energy map, the trigram (the marking of three lines) for this area represents ‘heaven’. Serious trouble calls for divine intervention and lots of helpful people. If you have a beautiful statue or picture of a dragon, put it in this area. A dragon embodies all the attributes of heaven: power, strength, and endurance. Another effective feng shui cure is to put up a convex mirror, a round mirror that curves outward like a dome. This adjustment in the helpful people area will greatly expand your outlook and broaden your opportunities.

Finally, if everything seems to be falling apart, use the ‘four pillars of the universe’ cure. The four pillars symbolically create a direct link from earth to heaven. Do this cure anywhere, but in your bedroom will have the greatest effect. You will need tape, tacks, or glue, and four red strings, cords, or ribbons, long enough to reach from the ceiling to the floor, measured and cut in a multiple of nine (e.g., if you have an eight foot ceiling (96″), use 99 inches for the length), its ok if the extra string pools on the floor. Attach a string to the ceiling in all four corners of the room. Visualize your troubles being lifted and your burdens being removed. Out loud, say why you are doing this cure and chant or speak prayers for the most positive outcome you want to happen.

If you feel you have been helped by these cures, please send one or more red envelopes, with one dollar in each. Blessings, love, light, and peace to you all. Send me questions or call me for anything.

Tamara Aires, Colorado Harmony

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